Friends of Charlton Kings

Community Support

Putting connections and kindness at the heart of Charlton Kings

Friends of Charlton Kings exists to support each and every resident. We work within the community to identify needs, across the community to find solutions, and where necessary signpost residents to borough, county and national structures to ensure they can access more specialist services.

Who Are We?

Friends of CK is a volunteer organisation. We are local residents. Anyone with a connection to Charlton Kings can join us, either to contribute, or to benefit.

We are supported by Charlton Kings Parish Council and are responsive to input from them. We also partner with a range of existing institutions and organisations, from the national level (Neighbourhood Watch) to local efforts (CK Health Connect and CK Business Connect).

We are registered with the ICO ( Information Commissioner’s Office) and have a constitution and mechanism for nominating trustees.


What do we do?

In truth, it is a little bit of everything, but recently we have been:

Arranging Deliveries

Posting Mail

Collecting Shopping

Providing Food

Checking In

Key Supplies

Campaigns, Causes, Challenges

Every community has things it would like to do differently. Friends focuses on three issues at any given time to enable ideas, time and expertise to come together. These are community led, and are about enabling others to make a difference. During the summer of 2020 we are working on the projects below:

Addressing immediate needs

Feeding vulnerable children through the summer holidays

Sponsor interventions aimed at any resident struggling economically or medically as a result of C-19 with a particular focus on teenagers and shielded individuals.

Connecting us with our community

Exploring CK

Help residents identify (and where necessary, unlock) rights of way across the community, to keep us all active and to increase local knowledge about our area.

We see this as a foundation for future campaigns.

Developing a sustainable future

Conserving CK

Raise awareness and provide information on projects and plans which support or impact the local environment.


If you would like to let us know how we’ve done drop us a line!

  • Client Image

    Mrs H says Friends saved her! She has never shopped on line but we helped her get regular Coop deliveries. ‘We have a team of absolutely delightful volunteers. When you aren’t ill you can’t be expected to be waited on…..but I was. Friends and their help was the most wonderful thing to happen to us and a complete life saver. All the volunteers without exception have been kind and thoughtful. What a splendid service they have provided. Every one of them!’

    • Mrs. H.
  • Client Image

    Mr E says it’s a fantastic, very friendly local service which helps local people. It’s a marvellous group of polite, honest volunteers who have reaffirmed bonds with the Charlton kings community. They help the vulnerable and those at risk. He says we are all angels and should continue the service. He is very grateful.

    • Mr. E.
  • Client Image

    Mr W is extremely impressed with the support provided. The organised food parcels have been a life saver and Ruth has been tremendous supporting him with his mental health issues. He’s loved the phone calls which are brilliant and keep him on his toes! He would love to be part of the team and has offered his services cutting grass or general labouring, not for money but food or a gift. Having felt lonely and depressed he now feels positive thanks to Friends. He’s looking for work again.

    • Mr. W.



Volunteers do not charge for their time but make all the difference from their contributions. These include:
1. Being part of an on-call community group for shopping or deliveries.
2. Helping to run community events like BBQs or picnics.
3. Being on rota to help with answering phones, driving supplies and supporting youth work.



Every penny donated to us is spent with a Charlton Kings business, to support a CK resident.
£3 buys a lunch for a hungry child.
£30 supports a community BBQ.
£300 funds a family’s food for the summer.



A small and friendly team with extensive reach and expertise.
Partners include: Charlton Kings Parish Council plus local businesses, charities, churches, schools, and sports clubs.